Critical Thinking

Traditionally, knowledge transfer, or learning, is shaped by the nature of the consequences of that behavior. More modern concepts of learning have proven that learning cannot always be seen and that learning is not just a product of some process. Learning, in other words, is critical thinking. There are consequences impacting our collective knowledge in Read more about Critical Thinking[…]

The Changing Landscape of Campaign Fundraising

Last week, a Senator-elect Scott Brown won the long time Democratic-held Senate seat left open after Senator Ted Kennedy’s death. The media are asking if it is a barometer for the 2010 midterm elections. Political strategists are debating where Martha Coakley went wrong. Backstage, something else has happened – something few people in the media, Read more about The Changing Landscape of Campaign Fundraising[…]

Stop. Listen. Think. Act.

Everywhere you look people are moving fast, talking fast, and working fast. Look around you on the subway, in meetings, and even at the health club, we are texting, talking, and working all at once. But where has this gotten us? Are we smarter? Are we more efficient? With a 24-7 culture, we may be Read more about Stop. Listen. Think. Act.[…]