“Top Kill” Baby Kill

On the cover of most newspapers this morning is the failure of the “Top Kill” technique to stop the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The catastrophe is literally destroying our ocean and planet and we need to find a solution before the damage becomes irreversible. And yes, the executives at BP who claimed Read more about “Top Kill” Baby Kill[…]

What does multiple choice teach us?

As a society, we do not encourage individuals to think differently and question the status quo. While we reward entrepreneurship in the private sector, little is done to encourage free thinking in our educational system. If standardized testing is a determining factor in teachers’ salaries, school funding, and student advancement, the focus will be on Read more about What does multiple choice teach us?[…]

It takes a village

This weekend’s cover of the New York Times Magazine simply stated: Are Teachers’ Unions the Enemy of Reform? Discuss. As the daughter of a high school teacher and pondering all I learned from the Stanford School of Education (where I received one of my Masters), my immediate reaction was – we are missing the point Read more about It takes a village[…]

Testing Dummies and a Word of Thanks

The other day I was asked why critical thought is so important. The simple answer is that it enables us to come together and discuss issues important in our society. In Jurgen Habermas’s the Transformation of the Public Sphere, he argues that this kind of discussion no longer happens. Rather we have simply become consumers Read more about Testing Dummies and a Word of Thanks[…]

Mr Clark: Viva is Spanish.

Since I was a captive audience as I ran on the treadmill this morning, I was profoundly intrigued today by the clamoring on and on about free speech on television. As many will know, a basketball “fan”, Mr. Jim Clark, was “thrown out” of an Arizona Suns game for wearing a shirt supporting the recently Read more about Mr Clark: Viva is Spanish.[…]

Image and IV’s

I am a huge fan of Maureen Dowd. Every Sunday morning I race to open the Sunday Opinion section of the NYT, quite often reading it before reading the front page. In her usual satirical tone, Ms. Dowd wrote about Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan in Supremely Girly Girl. While the article itself was obviously Read more about Image and IV’s[…]

Arcylic Nails and the Guillotine.

I have become somewhat obsessed with the world of pageantry now. Not that I have any interest in doing another circus event, but I cannot seem to stop thinking of the philosophical meaning behind all I have learned over the past weekend. A pageant girl never goes out without her perfectly shaped nails. I am Read more about Arcylic Nails and the Guillotine.[…]