Eat and Hydrate

There is a lesson I have only recently begun to fully appreciate in triathlon: you have to nourish yourself before you can do almost anything. For so many years in my life I starved myself to fit into my skinny jeans. During my preparation for my first Ironman I did a race a few months Read more about Eat and Hydrate[…]

Move forward, one step at a time.

Sometimes it seems like no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get anywhere. It is times like these that I have to remind myself to continue to move forward, even if they are baby steps. In keeping with my theme for June on the blog, this is a lesson I learned during my Read more about Move forward, one step at a time.[…]

Stop & cry when you need to, and then move on.

In continuing my lessons I learned over 140.6 miles I move to my second lesson: Stop and cry when you need to. During the 112-mile bike, I quickly realized the hills in Lake Placid were much higher than the hills in Hawaii and in San Francisco (at least the ones I trained on). I also Read more about Stop & cry when you need to, and then move on.[…]

The Journey

Ten years ago, I tore my ACL. I wasn’t an amazing athlete playing soccer on the world stage or a great skier doing double black diamonds or jumps on an Olympic course. I tripped on the sidewalk and tore my ACL. As simple as that. That is where my story begins: an average person, doing Read more about The Journey[…]

Let’s talk.

My husband frequently reminds me that I have a tendency to shoot first, and ask questions later (or, shoot 18 times and never ask a question). I know this is a flaw of mine. Always has been, and to some degree, always will be. However, in bringing this to my attention, I can at least Read more about Let’s talk.[…]

Finding Purpose

Maybe I was too hard on the pageant girls a few weeks ago. As I sip my coffee, getting ready for my 90-minute-midweek bike ride before the family wakes up, I realize that we all have our passions and who am I to say which one is more important than the next. In 12 weeks Read more about Finding Purpose[…]