Parents with a Paycheck….

I admit it – I went after the money.  After being laid-off a few months after my son was born I never fully got over not having the corner office and the 6-figure number that I used to see on my W-2.  But I have realized something insightful – going after the money rarely means Read more about Parents with a Paycheck….[…]

Genuine Thanks

Before our holiday thanksgiving meal, all the children in our family were asked by the hostess to read a Native American story giving thanks.  As one can imagine, rounding up 5 children under age 12 is a bit of a challenge and the assignment was in need of some adult guidance.  At my dear niece Read more about Genuine Thanks[…]

Two continents, two very different endings.

Last month, 33 Chilean miners were rescued after 69 days underground.  Television stations streamed live video of each miner rising to the surface of the earth as grateful families celebrated their rescue.  To the credit of the rescue teams and President Pinera, this mining disaster had a happy ending.  Across the Pacific Ocean, less than Read more about Two continents, two very different endings.[…]

Business Bingo

I am working from home this week, so outside trying to find a marketing intern and researching trademarks, I have been busy on conference calls, most of which have need at least two shots of espresso to get through. The choice phrase of one of partners in the office this week:  9 women can’t make Read more about Business Bingo[…]

Open the door

Some of my posts lately have been pep talks for myself.  I have taken on a contract job to help pay the bills and give our family an opportunity to save a little more savings for the future.  In doing so I sometimes think I sold out. I am still blogging, contacting literary agents, and Read more about Open the door[…]

Is it growing up or giving up?

After sitting through a meeting today when the middle-age leader once again made some Dilbert-like comment, I began to think: who dreams of being a business analyst? Earlier this week my son was listing off all of the costumes he wants to wear for Halloween in the next few years (he’s almost 4, so I’ll Read more about Is it growing up or giving up?[…]

Inspiration from a thoughtless boss

A thoughtless boss (well, I could use more accurate words, but let’s just go with thoughtless) of mine once said “work” is not “fun”, nor is it meant to be enjoyed, otherwise it would not be called “work”. I did not agree with this boss in the past, nor do I agree with him now. Read more about Inspiration from a thoughtless boss[…]

Our glass of life

In today’s non-stop world, it is easy to become overwhelmed.  We wear so many hats throughout our lives, many simultaneously. We are caregivers to elderly parents, partners and significant others, parents, and maybe even grandparents. We are workers, volunteers, managers, community activists, fundraisers, teachers, mentors, neighbors, and friends. It is no surprise that since we Read more about Our glass of life[…]