How do I risk it?

Some days I feel philosophical, some days, well, deep thoughts by Jack Handey are the closest I get. Today is a Jack Handey day, so let’s get to the point. A few weeks ago I went to a seminar for women in leadership.  It was a wonderful session, I made a few great connections and Read more about How do I risk it?[…]

Are you the perfect mom?

Are you the perfect mom? If you answered yes, good for you!  If you did not, it is time to take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I’m great!”  As moms we tell our kids how fantastic they are everyday, and it is about time we start doing the same Read more about Are you the perfect mom?[…]

A Single Girl’s Advice on Parenting (it really works)

From my Yahoo! Shine posting today…. enjoy! Remember when you were single and child-free? As a singleton, some of my biggest worries were what to wear and if I should call “him” or wait for him to pick up the phone. It’s not that I was superficial, but when you have no one else to Read more about A Single Girl’s Advice on Parenting (it really works)[…]

Please stop.

I am not a fan of the former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin’s political or environmental opinions. I think Palin uses incredibly poorly chosen words for her own political and Hollywood gain.  For the record, I honestly do not think the woman has any idea of the painful meaning of “blood libel” either, another term Read more about Please stop.[…]

How acting like a kid will make 2011 your healthiest year yet.

From my Yahoo! Shine posting…. enjoy.  We all know being a kid is great for so many reasons, snow days, laughing at any knock-knock joke, and an unending storage of energy being just a few.  But did you know that acting like a 4-year-old can actually make you a healthier person?  Whether you are 4 Read more about How acting like a kid will make 2011 your healthiest year yet.[…]