Are you a scheduling addict?

Do you love making schedules and lists a little too much?  Answer these questions to find out if you may be a chronic “to do lister”?   – Do you make lists of things you have done, just to cross things off as “accomplished? – Do you end up accomplishing less than 50% of your Read more about Are you a scheduling addict?[…]

How to bounce back from rejection.

Rejection. We’ve all been there.  Whether it was a college letting you know you were not accepted into the program or an employer telling you another candidate was chosen for the job, we have all faced rejection at some point in our life. How have you bounced back from rejection? This weekend my book proposal Read more about How to bounce back from rejection.[…]

How to Talk with your Kids about the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami

Whether or not you let your children watch television or browse the internet, most children will ask you questions about what happened when an earthquake and tsunami struck Japan.  How do you respond to the questions? Messages must be tailored to meet your child’s age group, but take this opportunity to help your children practice Read more about How to Talk with your Kids about the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami[…]

Radical religion is not religion.

The United States Homeland Security Committee is holding a hearing on the radicalization of Islamic Americans and understandably the Islamic community is protesting. Why do we spend so much time, energy, and money catering to the causes of extremist behavior?

Why are people so mean?

My dear Chief Girlfriend (her unofficial title), Shasta Nelson, posted a wonderfully thoughtful blog yesterday about a horrible conversation she overheard on a plane; the main point of the bitchfest: Who does that Oprah think she is? Two women continued to pass judgment on Oprah and say she was full of herself.  I would think Read more about Why are people so mean?[…]

You can love your job and your kids

So many moms are conflicted about what they should do with their life after having kids (stay home, work, work part time, work from home). Our society says “do it all” – be a parent, a worker, a spouse, a friend, and have a great body while you are at it with no laugh lines. Quite a large demand. I think Heidi Klum has it down, but that might be it.

A Father’s Love

As I was sitting in the bare walled yet overflowing court room 7,000 miles away from my home in Colorado earlier this week, I was anxious with both the process of adoption in a foreign county and worried about the outcome.