Chase the right things.

I have heard this quote a few times, but usually never slowed down enough to listen.  Now is the time to slow down, chase the right dreams, and succeed like crazy.

Have we all lost our patience? (And how to get it back!)

As the mom of two young boys, last week I was absolutely dumbstruck to hear about a crying little boy being slapped and called a horrible racial slur as his little ears were bursting on a flight earlier this month from Minnesota to Atlanta. When I hear kids crying on flights my first thought is: Read more about Have we all lost our patience? (And how to get it back!)[…]

Want innovation and engagement? Speak up!

You may never think that dictator and benevolence are common characteristics of the same leader – let alone often used in the same sentence. But being compassionate, honest, and having laser like focus on results all comes down to being able to foster an open, respectful, and trusting dialogue in your organization. I am sharing a Read more about Want innovation and engagement? Speak up![…]

Creating a culture of engagement

Imagine what is possible with engaged workforce. Imagine how “work” would be if every employee walked into the office with smiles on their faces, ready to face any challenges with respect, honesty, and excitement.  How do you do it?  Start by rewarding the right results and creating the right culture. Whether you run a Fortune Read more about Creating a culture of engagement[…]