5 Essential Daily Resolutions every Savvy Woman will follow in 2011


Whether you are a resolution type of gal or not, starting 2011 off with goals and inspirations gives us hope for better things to come.  Maybe dropping 5/10/15 pounds, getting a new job, or having a child are on your list for 2011, but don’t forget that the small things sometimes make the biggest different.  Here are 5 daily resolutions every savvy woman will be following in the New Year.  What is on your list for 2011 daily resolutions?
Laugh – Research has shown that the majority of laughter (almost 85%) happens as a reflection of support, building friendships, and relieving stress (Provine, 2004).   We laugh more with others than by ourselves, so turn off the outdated sitcom and pick up the phone to reminisce with an old friend about how silly you looked in that old high school picture or grab your gal pals and head out for some giggles and a glass of wine.
Love – We all need love in our lives.  Loving relationships, whether with friends, family, or a partner, are critical to our emotional and physical health.   Being in a loving relationship provides a sense of security and self-confidence (Ornish, 2001).  It is not just about sexuality – kind and compassionate relationships with friends and family can provide the same feel good physical reaction.
Eat – For so many years in my life I starved myself to fit into my skinny jeans. During my preparation for my first Ironman triathlon, I was not happy with how my body looked and thought that during one of my practice 3 hour races I could lose some weight. I drank water on the race course and that was it. I ended up in the medical tent with an IV in my arm. Starving yourself mentally and physically in life is not an option.  It is not just physical starvation we need to be aware of: we must make sure we nourish our body, mind, and spirit.
Celebrate – Why do we celebrate the same holidays and birthdays year after year?  Celebrations and traditions help us recognize that we all share something with others this great big world.  But celebrations are not just those Hallmark holidays.  Your daily celebration may be joining a prayer group at your church or religious center, it may be lunches with friends, or it may just be cheering for your children’s soccer games.  Whatever your celebration, expressing joy, gratitude, and a sense of community is what makes life great.
Do laundry – Celebrate, laugh, live, eat – do laundry?  No, this is not the “which one of these things do not fit in” games, it is life.  Inspirations, aspirations, and goals are great, but sometimes it is the little things that can add meaning to life.  I am not saying that we will find inner peace and wisdom matching socks, but rituals can provide a sense of calm and grounding in our life.  When you are doing the laundry, cleaning the dishes, and vacuuming the floor, rather than curse the chores, breathe, smile, and be happy you have the ability to care for yourself and family.
Happy 2011.
What would you add to this list?

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