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Are you ready to create meaningful change that lasts?  Are you ready to create conversations that drive results?  Pick up a copy of Dr. Schlachter’s Critical Conversations and Leading Business Change, part of the New York Times best selling For Dummies series, and you’ll be on the way to success.

Critical Conversations for Dummies, by Christina Tangora Schlachter, PhD

The easy way to communicate best when it matters most.CritConv Most people are aware of the importance of handling critical conversations well. However, when it comes down to actually being in a difficult situation that calls for key communication skills, many do not know how to practically apply their own thoughts.Critical Conversations For Dummies is a step-by-step reference for the variety of crucial conversations life presents in the workforce. It’s packed with strategies for preparing for high-stakes situations; being persuasive (not abrasive); knowing the value of assertive communication; resolving failed promises and missed deadlines; maintaining morale when firing staff; getting new employees off on the right foot; managing staff relations and strengthening team relationships; understanding audience needs and motivations to get positive results; altering confrontational language to cooperative language during difficult conversations; and building relationships in the face of conflict.

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LeadingBizChangeLeading Business Change for Dummies, by Christina Tangora Schlachter, PhD and Terry Hilderbrant

Direct change expertly and lead your business to success.
Change is natural and good, but it can incite fear if not managed properly. Leading Business Change For Dummies arms mid- to senior-level managers with trusted guidance on leading, managing, responding to, and implementing change in the workplace. Packed with helpful advice and straightforward information, it gives you the skills needed to recognize the need for organizational change, deal with unexpected change, properly communicate a vision, prepare for structural change such as Mergers & Acquisitions, and address emotional responses to downsizing. Leading Business Change For Dummies serves as the ultimate roadmap for integrating and consolidating a multitude of personnel and organizational change initiatives. With tools for managing stress levels and advice on gathering and sharing information during times of transition, Leading Business Change For Dummies covers everything you need to know to achieve successful leadership in a challenging work environment.

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