Oops – Mistakes that turned out all right.

Yesterday I was a guest on the Experience Pros radio show, and co-hosts Eric Reamer & Angel Tuccy and I spoke about how often someone thinks a critical conversation will go so much worse than it really will. All that thinking about what could happen prevents us from actually making things happen. This week I Read more about Oops – Mistakes that turned out all right.[…]

Great Athletes. Great Leaders.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak with Linda Lappe, CU’s Women’s Basketball Coach and the youngest woman to coach in the NCAA. While we both are blonde-haired and tall, one may think our similarities stopped there. I was nicknamed Traveling-Tina in school, she, well, she was a basketball superstar. But a comment she made Read more about Great Athletes. Great Leaders.[…]

3 Time Drainers to Ditch from Your Day

While we can do everything faster and connect with more people than we ever thought possible; in trying to get through everything on our calendar we sometimes do not realize that the biggest time drainers are staring us right in our face.  Here are three energy drainers that prevent women from living a wonderfully productive Read more about 3 Time Drainers to Ditch from Your Day[…]

5 Essential Daily Resolutions every Savvy Woman will follow in 2011

  Whether you are a resolution type of gal or not, starting 2011 off with goals and inspirations gives us hope for better things to come.  Maybe dropping 5/10/15 pounds, getting a new job, or having a child are on your list for 2011, but don’t forget that the small things sometimes make the biggest Read more about 5 Essential Daily Resolutions every Savvy Woman will follow in 2011[…]

What would be your healthy wish from Santa?

If you can have any one healthy wish this holiday season, what would it be? The holiday season and staying in shape don’t often go together (that is what New Year’s Resolutions are for, right?) If Santa Claus, who has the ability to fly around the world and in and out of chimneys over a Read more about What would be your healthy wish from Santa?[…]

Image and IV’s

I am a huge fan of Maureen Dowd. Every Sunday morning I race to open the Sunday Opinion section of the NYT, quite often reading it before reading the front page. In her usual satirical tone, Ms. Dowd wrote about Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan in Supremely Girly Girl. While the article itself was obviously Read more about Image and IV’s[…]

Arcylic Nails and the Guillotine.

I have become somewhat obsessed with the world of pageantry now. Not that I have any interest in doing another circus event, but I cannot seem to stop thinking of the philosophical meaning behind all I have learned over the past weekend. A pageant girl never goes out without her perfectly shaped nails. I am Read more about Arcylic Nails and the Guillotine.[…]