If every day could be like Holi…

As a LinkedIn Learning Insider I write about current events, but these days the news feeds are leaving me a bit exhausted and uninspired. If you feel the same, why not take a break from bankruptcies, guns, indictments, and sexual abuse cases to celebrate Holi today? Holi is a traditional Indian festival of color that celebrates the Read more about If every day could be like Holi…[…]

Mixing Friendships and Work

Shasta Nelson is the most amazing women-start-up business owner – and I am honored to be her guest blogger this week…. Read more: http://www.girlfriendcircles.com/blog/index.php/2011/09/mixing-friendships-and-work/ Originally posted on September 15, 2011 by ShastaGFC Note from Shasta: For Friendship Month this September I’ve invited some women to guest blog for me, adding their voices and experiences to Read more about Mixing Friendships and Work[…]

3 Time Drainers to Ditch from Your Day

While we can do everything faster and connect with more people than we ever thought possible; in trying to get through everything on our calendar we sometimes do not realize that the biggest time drainers are staring us right in our face.  Here are three energy drainers that prevent women from living a wonderfully productive Read more about 3 Time Drainers to Ditch from Your Day[…]

How to be Successful in Life and Work

Ever wonder why some women succeed in the most adverse conditions, while others seem to be running around in a time starved void not able to make the big jump to success?  Successful women know that success does not just come, you have to cultivate it.  So whether you are wanting success in starting a Read more about How to be Successful in Life and Work[…]

Radical religion is not religion.

The United States Homeland Security Committee is holding a hearing on the radicalization of Islamic Americans and understandably the Islamic community is protesting. Why do we spend so much time, energy, and money catering to the causes of extremist behavior?

Why are people so mean?

My dear Chief Girlfriend (her unofficial title), Shasta Nelson, posted a wonderfully thoughtful blog yesterday about a horrible conversation she overheard on a plane; the main point of the bitchfest: Who does that Oprah think she is? Two women continued to pass judgment on Oprah and say she was full of herself.  I would think Read more about Why are people so mean?[…]

A Father’s Love

As I was sitting in the bare walled yet overflowing court room 7,000 miles away from my home in Colorado earlier this week, I was anxious with both the process of adoption in a foreign county and worried about the outcome.

Good relationships in tough times.

Someone once told me that you really aren’t married until you think about where to hide the body. Marriage is not easy. When I hear people say that are married because it is “convenient,” I look at them and wonder if they get their toenails pulled out because it is the easiest way to have a pedicure. Marriage is not easy, even in the best of times. In tough times (financial, emotional, or physical), it is even tougher.

5 Essential Daily Resolutions every Savvy Woman will follow in 2011

  Whether you are a resolution type of gal or not, starting 2011 off with goals and inspirations gives us hope for better things to come.  Maybe dropping 5/10/15 pounds, getting a new job, or having a child are on your list for 2011, but don’t forget that the small things sometimes make the biggest Read more about 5 Essential Daily Resolutions every Savvy Woman will follow in 2011[…]

Not for dinner conversation.

I have been following one of my blog postings on Yahoo! Shine and of course, being the button-pusher I am, I inadvertently started the conversation on Christ and Christmas.  It truly was unintentional, as I was giving ideas on how to show children the real meaning of Christmas (basically, Jesus was born and he told Read more about Not for dinner conversation.[…]