If every day could be like Holi…

As a LinkedIn Learning Insider I write about current events, but these days the news feeds are leaving me a bit exhausted and uninspired. If you feel the same, why not take a break from bankruptcies, guns, indictments, and sexual abuse cases to celebrate Holi today? Holi is a traditional Indian festival of color that celebrates the triumph of good over evil.

While there are many legends of Holi, my favorite is the love story between Krishna and Radha. Krishna had blue skin, and Radha had a fair complexion. Krishna’s mother told him to color Radha’s face in any color as a way of expressing his affection and unity. If you happen to see people throwing bags of paint today, thank Krishna’s wise mom.

Imagine the colorful world we could celebrate if ethnicity, race, religion, and all the other categories that separate rather than unite us were seen as a rainbow rather than animosity.

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