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Check out all the buzz about Christina’s research, work, and her connection with the community.

Be a Change Capitalist – in Managing Smart, a publication of the Society for Human Resource Management
Change is inevitable and constant in today’s workplace. Managers can either fight it or become part of the solution. To do the latter, you need to capitalize on change initiatives to show your value as a leader. Read more…

Welcoming the New Generation of Workers – Denver Business Journal
As the economy continues to recover, is your company innovating to meet the needs of a new generation of workers? Long gone are the days of clear-cut job descriptions and working one’s way up the ladder. Get ready to toss those traditional HR practices out the window, and provide a quick progression for employees while creating a culture of flexibility and innovation. Read more….

Backseat Leaders: 10 Ways to Lead Change – Human Resources IQ
The Global Economy has turned the rules of leadership upside down and shaken them vigorously for good measure. Where there was once a fairly defined hierarchy—Boss A tells Worker B what to do and B does it—there’s now a flat landscape where everyone is expected to take the reins as needed. That means if B has an idea—a way to make a process more efficient or a new way to get customer feedback—he or she is allowed, even expected, to make it happen.  Read more or download the article reprint in Leadership Quarterly here.

Managing Up: 7 Ways to Keep the Boss Happy: How to take the lead when communicating with your higher-ups – Media Bistro
Dr. Christina Schlachter quoted in Joel Schwartzberg’s article.
You may have only one career, but you have two key jobs. The first is doing whatever you were hired to do. The second — and just as important if you plan on staying — is keeping your boss happy with you, otherwise known as “managing up.” Being seen by your manager in a positive and productive light will not only make things easier day to day; it may also be a deciding factor when executives are considering promotions or downsizing staff. Below, some workplace experts share the lowdown on successfully managing up. Read more…

Boulder Lifestyles: Hometown Hero, The Write Stuff.  
The mountains brought Christina and her family to Colorado, and she brought a serious passion for helping the community. Find out more about Christina’s non-profit, Junior Journalists program and how kids as young as 5-years-old can take a step towards being involved in their community!

Visit with Mrs. Colorado International, Dr. Christina Schlachter in NoBo Magazine
Sit down with Christina and find out more on her thoughts on being crowned Mrs. Colorado International.

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