Relief and a resolution


Today I resigned from a contract that was wrong for me on so many levels.  I took it for all the wrong reasons and the second I did, I knew it was wrong.  I had been miserable since the day I stepped in the door but made a pack with myself to survive at least as long as the Chilean miners survived underground.  After telling my boss I would work on a transition plan, I really felt as if I had seen the light for the first time in 69 days.
A woman’s intuition is quite strong if she listens to it.  I really should have listened to it just over 69 days ago.
But, this news was not the biggest confirmation of my intuition this week.  Earlier this week we got a call that our adoption hearing is scheduled for early next year. We were matched with our son a few months ago and have been anxiously waiting the news of when we can get our arms on him and take him home.  When I tell people about our adoption, almost everyone asks me: Why did you choose to adopt a child from Ethiopia?  I used to go the noble route and say, “name somewhere else on this planet that needs more help?”  However, since we were matched with our wonderful son, I now say, “because that is where my son is.” The second I saw his picture I knew he was mine.  Just as I knew I was pregnant with my biological son even before I took a pregnancy test, I knew the second I saw him that my 2nd son belonged in our home in Boulder.
Mother’s intuition is strong.  My 2011 resolution (outside of making the NYT best seller list or getting on the Ellen show) is to trust it more often.   What is your resolution?

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