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I work with leaders around the country to conduct innovative, thorough, and insightful research that bridges the gap between science and practical work in the areas of organizational effectiveness, decision making, collaboration, and communication.  My current research projects include:

The impact of constant information on decision-making

My current research project focuses on what the potential impact of constant information has on our brain’s decision-making function. In paying attention to tweets, bright blinking computer lights, and pop ups on our smartphones, are we simply reacting while missing the opportunity to learn from events around us and make decisions from the data?

Meaning making, communication and leadership

My research examines how messages make meaning within organizations and in society. In organizations, a message from a leader, either in written and spoken, can have negative or positive outcomes depending on the choice of words alone. In the public forum, media channels and social media can present the same story with a crisis positioning bias, entertainment bias, or more neutral qualities. This means the possible impact on what a person learns or remembers can be significantly different simply based on the organizational source.

Information and teamwork

As a fellow with Fielding Graduate University, I have begun to study information, reading, and team development at a very young age: elementary school students. This research could be expanded to organizations, focusing on how the amount of information and the context of information can impact team behavior.

Past research has focused on the social responsibility and ethical leadership.