Where do we go from here?

I am not sure about you, but it is next to impossible to not be wrapped up in partisan politics these days.  My hope is that one day soon we can start to bring our country together again but it is tough in our current environment to imagine a united country.

It is so easy to live in a polarized world now.  On Facebook I don’t have to hear from anyone who does not like the same things as me.  On Twitteralone-we-can-do-so-little-together-we-can-do-so-much-helen-keller-teamwork-quotes I can follow whom I choose and ignore the rest, even pretending the rest does not exist. I can choose to listen to MSNBC and read the Huffington Post, while someone else chooses to listen to Fox News.

Nearly half our country voted for change.  Perhaps it is not the change Clinton supporter wanted believe in, but nearly half of our country wanted change they thought a Trump Administration could bring.  Hillary supporters can lament that Lincoln should have let The South secede from the Union, whether our electoral college is relevant, post facts and figures about correlation between voting trends and college education, and curse email servers and media coverage everywhere. Or we can come together as the United States of America (United being the operative world). We have a great country and I hope everyone who voted for Secretary Clinton can put aside their disappointment and fear, and those who voted for Trump can be gracious. We know a house be divided against itself cannot stand. In order to stand together we need to listen to one another.  Reacting emotionally is a time-tested poor strategy. It’s time to work on unifying our great country.

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